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January 10 2013


Mount Vernon Condo

Our house loves to travel. We like the existing west, the beach, nowhere Ridge and Smoky Mountains and historic sites including Mount Vernon and Independence Hall. Our house owns a condo at Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock, Nc on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has been a family group get-a-way for many years and that we never tire with the beauty of the mountains, the slow pace as well as the amenities the location has to offer. From your quaint little capital of scotland - Blowing Rock with its shops and restaurants to Linville Falls and Caverns and Biltmore House to activities like horse riding, skiing, whitewater rafting and hiking.

Mount Vernon Condo

In May of 2009 we had been offered a friend's condo to get a week in Bradenton, Fl. Excited to go, every one of the preparations ended up made. As it turns out, the week wasn't available in the end and that we thought our trip would be canceled. We could have selected in which to stay expensive hotels, but that will not very comfortable 5 people. So we started brainstorming. When we would use someone's condo for your week, maybe we might trade a week at our condo to get a week in Florida. We started emailing other people who just love rental properties of comparable size and price. After about Six or seven attempts with with no success we found an enjoyable 2 bedroom house in St. Petersburg, Fl. empyrean.net Their ad on a holiday rental site read "would consider swapping", and then we emailed the master and two days later we had an agreement. We would visit St. Petersburg in June as well as the other owner would stay a week at our devote Blowing Rock in November. Our condo just isn't usually booked much in November so it was obviously a win-win for folks.

Mount Vernon Condo

As it turns out not on the beach was obviously a blessing even as visited 6 different beaches. Nothing altered so no taxes were required. With all the savings on the rental or hotel i was able to visit 2 theme parks. We spent one day at Busch Gardens then one at Seaworld.

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